Our Summer Fun program is a camp offered every summer for 4 or 5 weeks.  We offer a variety of multi-sensory experiences as well as a special event each week.  The camp offers a hands-on sensory approach which promotes creativity and problem solving.  We provide opportunities for children to create and explore through art, music movement, language, and science, encouraging them to discover, use their wonderful imaginations, and to problem solve.

  Sessions run either 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or 4 days (Monday through Thursday) per week.  Actual dates and number of days for sessions will be decided each year based on the church and preschool activities already scheduled.

 Parents can choose how many and which weekly sessions they would like their child to attend.  A discount is given if all sessions are attended. A discount is also provided for additional siblings.

 We look forward every summer to offering an innovative and exciting Summer Camp for children to experience the joy of self expression, discover new experiences, and enjoy being with friends, but most of all having fun being a child.