Letter from our director:

Thank you for your interest in SUM Preschool. Southside United Methodist Preschool established in 1957, has a long and wonderful history of providing the best early learning  programs for children ages one through four years of age in a Christian environment.  Our staff is committed to serving children and families with the understanding that these early learning experiences form the foundation for educational success and development of Christian values. 

SUM Preschool provides weekday preschool classes reflecting the latest research on child development and developmentally appropriate practices. We offer a well balanced program emphasizing teaching in all five domains: Spiritual, Emotional, Cognitive, Social and Physical Development. We believe in a sensory experiential approach to learning, providing students with direct involvement in the process to help them become active independent learners and creative thinkers. 

SUM Preschool is a ministry of Southside United Methodist Church.  We encourage close relationships among our staff, parents and children.  We will take advantage of every opportunity to achieve a strong support system so that each child feels a bond between home, school and faith. It is our purpose to nurture the children entrusted to our care, to encourage them to succeed in their learning experiences and offer them every opportunity to enjoy preschool.

We welcome you to come and visit our preschool, to meet our teachers, and to see the rich environment that fosters faith, learning and love at SUM Preschool.

Love, Live & Learn,

Miss Candi, Preschool Director